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Ave Sol is a remote river lodge, it is a place to disconnect from the noise of modern life and get back in touch with nature. As part of our vision is to keep this sense of remoteness, we run our lodge without the need for electricity. If you are seeking simplicity in nature, you will find Ave Sol an ideal place of retreat. The rustic cabin accommodations contain a comfortable bed and mosquito net, solid roof and walls with panoramic windows. Instead of using high impact building materials such as concrete and brick, Ave Sol uses timber sustainably harvested from our own reserve, mostly from fallen or at-risk trees.

  • Fully equipped kitchen and dining area
  • All meals supplied on the 2 and 3 day trips
  • Hammock ranch and bar
  • 2 shared bathrooms
  • Tidy maintained pathways, trails and gardens from the river and around the reserve

OUR Reserve

Ave Sol River Sanctuary is located in the Caribbean foothills of Costa Rica near the town of Bajo Tigre in Siquirres, Limon. It borders the Nairi-Awari Cabécar Indigenous Reserve and other protected areas that cover much of the Talamanca Mountain Range. Its land surface of 120 acres connects with the country's largest area of continuous rainforest. We protect this reserve as a refuge for a great number of species of flora and fauna native to these rich ecosystems.

We are also part of efforts aimed at restoring connectivity between the Central Volcanic & Talamanca mountain ranges. The historical and geological connection facilitates gene flow between countless wildlife populations. The region is distinguished for having the highest populations of birds and mammals within Costa Rica, along with high numbers of endemic and endangered species. Although protected by the Costa Rican government and UNESCO, it is a region with little technical and scientific information. Generation of ecological data is a goal and priority for the conservation of these unique and important ecosystems.

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"Buena Nota Mae"

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