Rio Pacuare



Whitewater Rafting on the Pacuare River

The Pacuare River is famous for its incredible scenery - its unique canyon, extraordinary biodiversity, pure and free running waters and thrilling rapids.  Feel the spray of one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the tour, which cascades powerfully into the river itself. The Pacuare is considered among the ten most beautiful rivers in the world and is also one of the top five for whitewater rafting. We engage specialized rafting operators to run our private tours. Their experienced staff and bilingual guides have extensive knowledge of the river along with quality equipment and commitment to safety, guaranteeing a spectacular trip.

The rafting trip starts at Finca La Cruz giving you four extra miles of rafting compared to other operators on the river.  You will enjoy exciting rapids along the Class III interspersed with calmly flowing sections which allow you to take in the ambience of the surrounding forest. On the way down we stop at pristine creeks and waterfalls to enjoy a swim and hopefully spot some of the unique resident wildlife.  Your guides are there to support your needs, preparing delicious food and ensuring your safety and enjoyment throughout your trip.

Rich Natural and Cultural Experiences

We are privileged to have Cabecar families as our neighbors. The Cabecar community represents the largest ethnic group in Costa Rica, with strong traditions and culture, and are very welcoming of visitors to their land. Hiking through the protected Indigenous reserve will allow you to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the rich biodiversity of this region. Visitors will experience Cabecar culture, preserved over thousands of years, and learn about some of their modern challenges. We offer guided walks up to the local village where guests can see the neatly constructed traditional huts, visit the local school where the children are always as curious as their visitors, learn about forest lore and techniques and let a few quarrels fly with the traditionally made bow.


Our visitors will become biologists for a day, learning about the life of the jaguar, one of the most charismatic and emblematic species in the world. Cameras responsive to body heat and movement have been positioned at various locations on our property in order to collect information about wildlife populations, particularly the jaguar and its prey. Another blessing on our reserve is a very old and rare Cola de pavo tree (Hymenolobium mesoamericanum), found along a beautiful trail through primary rainforest. Venture into the wild and choose from easy through to challenging mountain trails, finding wildlife and their tracks, endemic plant species, rock pools, creeks, waterfalls, and other natural treasures.


"Que Tuanis!"